Any doubt ?

Here are some answers to the most common questions our guests
have before coming for a sailing trip in San Blas with us.

But feel free to contact us for more details !

Transport to San Blas, right to the boat

San Blas is a remote region of Panamá. The only road that gives access to the islands, ends in the small port of Carti, and is forbidden to non-4WD vehicles.
Elsewhere, it’s rain forest, with no roads through.
We can help you organize your transfer to the boat and back, from Panama city, as there are 4WD and taxi-boats that take you right to boat, and we can book it for you, directly with transporters.
The 4wd taxi picks up our guests directly from their hotel in Panama city, generally around 5:00 am.
They take you to the port of Carti, witch is a basic facility for local transportation craft.
You generally arrive to the boat between 8:30 am and 10:00 am, depending on where the boat is located.
4WD taxi is 30$ per person and per trip.
Taxi boat is between 15 and 25$ per person and per trip, depending on where the boat is located.
Also, there is an entry fee to Guna Yala territory that all tourists have to pay, at San Blas border, and at the moment is 20$ per person.
Those prices are for transport during usual transport hours. Out of these schedules, prices might be higher.
Remember that the transport price is not included in our prices, and is to be paid directly to the transporter. So don’t forget the cash !
Plane is another option, but at the moment, it seems that Air Panama stopped flying or taking bookings. There are also private plane options that are more expensive of course.
Check https://www.airpanama.com for Corazon de Jesus and El Porvenir airports, for availability.
Please note that even if we give you a hand on organizing the transport, the transport is realized by other small Panamanian company, and we cannot be held responsible for delay, or extra waiting time.
We work with the most reliable and professional transporter, in long-term partnership, but even so, transport here is already part o the adventure :)

What should I bring ?

Don’t bring much !

It’ warm all year round here, so you’ll probably be hanging around with your bathing suit and a t-shirt most of the time, if you’re not in the water :)
So pack only a few clothes, but don’t forget :

– Sunscreen
– Swimwear
– Beach towel
– Long sleeves t-shirt as a sun protection, and for night time
– Beach sandals
– A lycra for sun protection while swimming
– A hat or cap
– Sunglasses
– You valid passport !
– Some cash for your transport, entry tax fee, and if you want to buy some nice Guna art craft

What does the price include or not ?

Package includes :
– Accomodation in double cabin
– Professional crew
– Use of the boat, the dinghy, and equipements under responsability of the crew
– All meals, food and drinks
– Sheets
– Boat cleaning
– Snorkeling gear
– Fishing gear

Package does not include :
– Flight and transportation to Cinco
– Entry taxes to Kuna Yala territory
– Your shopping at land
– Tips

What if I'm travelling alone ?

Great :) Travelling alone is the best way to meet people and make new friends !

We do have a rate for one guest, but it is high, so what we generally do, is try to offer you to join another group, to get a better rate.
Of course, we ask first the other group if they are ok to share, and everyone gets a better price.

Note that our prices are for double cabins, but we have two cabins with bunk beds, so you’ll share the cabin, but not the bed !

Do I need a visa for Panamá ?

Most of western countries don’t need a visa when entering the country.

You will need a valid passport and a return flight.

Please check here countries list to see what applies to your own case :

Do I need any vaccination ?

San Blas islands is quite a “clean” area, as you get few mosquitoes in the islands.
You might need a yellow fever vaccination, depending from witch country you are coming from. You should check with your home country health organization to make sure what you need or not.

What is the best time to visit San Blas ?

There is two main seasons in Panama, a dry season and a  wet  season.
Unlike the pacific coast of Panama, San Blas gets much less rain, and has a less humid feel.

The dry season goes from December to May, with steady winds, trade winds, blowing between 15 and 20 knots generally.
The wet season goes from June to November, has less wind, and it rains sometimes. In general, rain comes in a squall, drops a lot of water, don’t last long and is then followed by the sun.

The two seasons are quite different, and for us is worth the trip to San Blas. People come to San Blas islands, all year round.

What about insurance onboard ?

The boat has its own proper insurance, for sailing and having guests on board.

Said so, you should have your own personal travel insurance.